Introducing Equal Origins CONNECT

In celebration of our four year anniversary, we invite you to join us in building an industry-wide movement for greater gender – and generational – equity in coffee farming communities around the world.  Equal Origins CONNECT is our newest initiative to offer our partners a game-changing opportunity to create lasting impact on coffee growing farmers and families.

Since the publication of The Way Forward: Accelerating Gender Equity in the Coffee Value Chain in October 2015, we’ve been gathering industry input, implementing field projects, and building tools for greater understanding and engagement. We have been working hard to unlock the potential of coffee farming women, youth and their families, promote equitable opportunities for their communities to thrive, and catalyze bold industry action toward a supply chain that works for everyone. EO CONNECT is the direct culmination of that work, and the next phase in our quest for gender equity in the coffee business and beyond.

Salvador Garcia displays his vision journey - a key outcome of the Origin Workshops. His drawing will guide him to take action to reduce expenses, increase income and make progress toward achieving his farm and personal goals over 18 months.

Salvador Garcia displays his vision journey - a key outcome of the Origin Workshops. His drawing will guide him to take action to reduce expenses, increase income and make progress toward achieving his farm and personal goals over 18 months.

EO CONNECT is a foundational series of innovative household workshops designed to generate and support:

-       Immediate, positive impact for farmers and their families through education, empathy, and practical guides for implementing growth and change in an ever-evolving global market

-       High impact communications materials to tell the story of your commitment to #genderequity 

-       Continued research and programming to spark change across an entire industry

This unique opportunity strengthens your stake in our shared commitment to equity, equality, and a healthy supply chain now and for generations to come.

What you get by Supporting Equal Origins Connect:

  • A chance to support direct impact in the communities where you work without deep, ongoing investment in infrastructure-level change.

  • Active promotion of your business as a Gender Equity leader across web and social media platforms.

  • Impactful educational material for you to share with your staff, customers, and stakeholders - videos, photos, testimonials about the power of this work to support healthy, happy families from farm to cup.

  • A firm position of leadership among your peers, solidified by your active commitment to a healthy supply chain at that works for all.

What you do:

  • Make a financial contribution to fund an innovative PGE Household workshop in your supply chain  

  • An investment that will enable waves of change for farmers, families and the industry as a whole

WhY eo connect?

EO CONNECT is designed to create an opportunity for small and mid-sized coffee companies to directly reach out and make a difference in their supply chain.

We have been hearing again and again that there is a desire and need to create a mid-level investment that offers on-the-ground access and marketing opportunities to companies that may not have the investment capital available for multi-year, six-figure NGO sponsorships and initiatives. We ALWAYS aspire to create in-roads positive change that can be accessible to ALL while doing great work for the farmers and families who do so much for the business we all love.

Your support of Equal Origins this year will help us:

  • Build the next round of tools that respond to industry needs and opportunities (coffee buyers guide, responsible sourcing criteria, etc.)

  • Develop networks of local facilitators to conduct these specialized household workshops

  • Connect household impact measures to broader industry data requirements 

  • Inform PGE’s ongoing research and a stronger business case for gender equity in coffee

Imagine a future where thriving coffee communities produce a sustainable supply of quality coffee to meet growing market demand.


Each five day workshop brings together between 25 to 40 male and female farmers of different ages and from various contexts to:

  • Build a vision for their future

  • Analyze their current context including opportunities and challenges to achieve their vision

  • Design a plan to reach key farm, household and community goals

  • Identify #genderequity perspectives that inhibit and/or enhance their success in their farm businesses and households

  • Gain self-confidence in speaking and applying new skills

  • Develop the ability to powerfully share new perspectives gained, and how the unique tools to accelerate #genderequity

  • Become Equity Champions who drive change in themselves, at home and in their communities

  • Have fun while building friendships and alliances for change