PGE’s global vision is to motivate industry members to take action and catalyze gender equity in the coffee value chain. We are designing a clear, inclusive, and transformative framework and approach with common tools, additional resources, and one-on-one support that will allow industry to become more involved in advancing gender equity throughout the value chain.

Invest in Building Our Work

As we build our framework for industry engagement, there are many opportunities to invest in our work and collaborate with PGE, including providing individual support. Your contribution can support our work in many ways:  


•    $50 will cover materials and supplies for household gender workshops

•    $200 will support gender champions by covering their expenses for 3 months, including transportation, meals, lodging, and supplies to share tools from workshops


•    $500 will support a female or male farmer to participate in a community vision 6-day workshop

•    $1,000 will support a champion exchange learning event


•    $750 will provide one day quality training for 5 female and male farmers

•    $1,500 will cover 2 days of quality training for 8 female and male farmers


Make a difference and contribute today