The Learning and Innovation Hub for Gender in the Coffee Sector

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The Learning and Innovation Hub is an initiative of the Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) to convene industry leaders and practitioners around issues, practices, and investments related to gender equity in the coffee sector. Aligned with the Global Coffee Platform’s Collective Action Network, the PGE Learning and Innovation Hub will bolster industry commitments to collective action for driving sustainability and resiliency at origin.

The PGE Hub will be made up of several thematic groups based on the areas of interest of stakeholders. This first thematic group builds on the process that PGE facilitated to create the Common Measurement Framework (CMF) and will focus on efforts to measure gender equity. Both the CMF and the Hub are grounded in the recognition that the coffee industry will have a deeper understanding of the relationship between gender equity and sustainability if we collaborate on how we collect data and measure impact

See what coffee companies in the Hub are doing to measure gender equity! Watch our Spring 2019 Webinar and view our slide deck.