Building on our success and inviting you to be a part of what’s next

PGE works hard to unlock the potential of coffee farming women, youth and their families, promote equitable opportunities for their communities to thrive, and catalyze bold industry action toward a supply chain that works for everyone.

Since the publication of The Way Forward: Accelerating Gender Equity in the Coffee Value Chain in October 2015, we’ve been gathering industry input, implementing field projects, and building tools for greater understanding and engagement.

We invite you to join us in building an industry-wide movement for greater gender – and generational – equity in coffee farming communities around the world.  This initiative Equal Origins will work to ensure that everyone, at every level of the supply chain, matters equally.

We’re looking for 100 committed leaders, businesses, and individuals to sponsor this initiative at an equal level of $1000 each - giving everyone an equal voice and stake in our shared commitment to equity, equality, and a healthy supply chain now and for generations to come.


What you get by joining Equal Origins:

  • Active promotion of your business as a Gender Equity leader across web and social media platforms.

  • Quarterly Briefs highlighting how your commitment to Gender Equity is making a positive impact across the supply chain. Each issue focuses on a key research theme and offers guidance for what we can do collectively to ensure a stable supply chain for generations to come.

  • Beautifully designed marketing collateral for your office or cafe that highlights your commitment to healthy, happy families from farm to cup.

  • A VIP invitation to our partners-only event at the 2020 Expo in Portland with other industry leaders.

  • A firm position of leadership among your peers, solidified by your active commitment to a healthy supply chain at all levels.

  • Active participation in the creation of tools, resources, and education to make a real difference.

What you do:

  • Sign our pledge form

  • Make a $1000 contribution to PGE

  • Optional ‘pay it forward’ opportunity  

$1,000 can help build stable supply chains and happy, healthy families. How can you say no to that?


Your support of Equal Origins in 2019 will help us:

  • Build the next round of tools that respond to industry needs and opportunities

  • Determine appropriate links between gender equity and youth engagement, and highlight strategic directions for moving forward

  • Continue to elevate the importance of gender and generational issues as the foundation for a resilient coffee supply chain

  • Strengthen our Community of Practice and expand partnerships that will deepen our impact

Imagine a future where thriving coffee communities produce a sustainable supply of quality coffee to meet growing market demand.

Pay it Forward:

We recognize that some companies will want to do more. We invite you to ‘Pay it Forward’ by making an additional contribution to PGE in the name of a supply chain partner such as a farmer or farmer organization with limited resources. By making a contribution in their name, they can also sign the pledge and be recognized for their commitment to Equal Origins.

Ready to join? Contact us today to begin.



“The Partnership for Gender Equity's research has been fundamental to our understanding of equality and sustainability in the coffee value chain. Tate's equality projects, which aspire towards a more equitable supply chain, relies on PGE methodology, the work they do and their dedication to championing gender empowerment in coffee communities.

Contributing to the Equal Origins initiative has presented us the opportunity to be part of the wider conversation about gender equity and youth engagement in the coffee chain. In subscribing to an initiative that aligns with our fundamental ethos we are proud to be involved in the chapter of a broader story that will lead to a more sustainable and inclusive future for everyone.”

- Tom Haigh, Head of Coffee, Tate’s

“I support The Partnership for Equity as their strategy is based on research, not just good intentions, to assure the right approach to solving the difficult problem of gender equality. This is about women’s equality, however their Executive Report states: “exercise cultural sensitivity about men and women”. To me, this means an inclusive approach to improve the lives of farmer families and their communities by addressing gender equality. A win for all!”

- Larry Challan, CEO, Batdorf & Bronson

“Gender Equity is a complex topic; it not just about women, it's about families, breaking stereotypes, inclusion and empowerment while recognizing the need for cross border collaboration. We support Equal Origins because the tools and dialog they are creating will bring a systematic and accessible resource to the coffee supply chain for women and families that is culturally aware and just. This important work will help to shape and inform the entire movement and we are proud to be part of it.”

- Beth Ann Caspersen, Equal Exchange