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Washington DC Community Event: Strengthening the Links of the Coffee Value Chain

Meet up with DMV Coffee to learn about Gender Equity in the Coffee Sector!!

Gender equity is a topic of growing interest in the coffee sector. Many industry actors express their interest in the issue, but have questions about how to get involved. How does engaging in gender equity fit with other sustainability investments? How can gender equity bolster the impact of interventions at origin or supply chain investments? How can the industry influence a cultural issue in a business context? What do we know about how gender equity can lead to stronger, more resilient supply partners? 

Recent research and engagement sessions with industry participants have highlighted concerns and opportunities for action. Kimberly Easson, Founder and Strategic Director of the CQI Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) will lay out the current context for gender in coffee at origin, and highlight efforts to catalyze greater industry involvement.

Join us at Counter Culture's Training Lab at 1781 Florida Avenue