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A Fundraiser for Gender Equity with Sisters Coffee in Portland

Coffee is about people. Find out what that means to Equal Origins. 

Join us Thursday, April 12th with Sisters Coffee

Coffee farming families around the world face enormous challenges, putting them, and your delicious cup of coffee at risk.  Equal Origins works to ensure farming is viable for all members of the family – women, men and youth, on whom the industry depends.

Join us for an informative, fun and inspiring evening to:

·      Learn how gender inequities impact farming families and communities

·      Understand how the next generation of farmers could be losing interest in agriculture

·      Participate in a lively discussion to get to the heart of the issues

·      Enjoy free appetizers and beverages

·      Raise money for the cause of gender and generational equity and equality in the coffee sector

Kimberly Easson, Founder and Strategic Director of the CQI Partnership for Gender Equity will share her experiences from working more than 20 years with coffee growing communities around the world. You’ll see too why investing in all members of coffee farming families is critical to the wellbeing of the entire coffee supply chain.



Date: Thursday, April 12th

Time: 6 – 8pm

Location: Sisters Coffee, Pearl District

Register here: [An Evening with the Coffee Quality Institute: A Fundraiser for Gender Equity]