The Way Forward

In 2014, PGE undertook extensive research to better understand the relationship between men and women in the coffee value chain, ultimately developinga set of recommendations to accelerate gender equity in the industry. The endeavor included a comprehensive literature review of key studies (both academic and development-based) and current best practices surrounding gender in coffee. Workshops in four different countries were subsequently conducted with coffee producers of both sexes and industry representatives, followed by several industry focus groups and one-on-one interviews.

This research culminated in “The Way Forward.” This report includes a comprehensive discussion of the findings and 8 Recommendations for Action.

Read the Executive Summary and the Full Report.


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Our hope is that the information and recommendations in this report will not only serve as a practical guide, but will also inspire each of us to become powerful change agents – whatever our role – as we work together to build vibrant coffee communities and a prosperous coffee industry for generations to come.
— -Kimberly Easson, Strategic Director, PGE