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Are you getting the most out of your supply chain investments?

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Who should apply?

Sustainability managers, coffee buyers, coffee roaster owner/operators

Producer organizations, small to medium size farm owner/operators, small export companies (Spanish and English available)

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Simple Steps

PGE provides tools to conduct an initial rapid, internal review of your current activities with regards to gender equity at origin (with support of a PGE Expert). This initial internal assessment and reflection process, will enable you document what you are doing now to promote gender equity and what you would like to accomplish.

Set key metrics for success: industry-accepted gender equity measures that will help you demonstrate your impact over time.

Align your program activities to recognized Gender Equity Criterion for coffee that buyers seek to acknowledge and reward.

The importance of equality cannot be overstated, and working with this program will allow us to broaden our impact for true sustainability through equal access and support.
— Scott Conory, Carrboro Coffee Roasters
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How will it work?

We’ve packaged the steps to help supply chain innovators embed equitable practices in their operations. Over four weeks, you will learn the basics of developing a Gender Equity Strategy and top-line implementation plan, complete your own assignments, and receive input and feedback from PGE’s Experts along the way. You should expect to spend at least three hours per week working on your strategy and plan. Most of this work can be done on your own schedule.

What are the benefits?

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What’s included?

+ 20 hours of direct technical assistance from a PGE Expert

+ Access to PGE’s updated tools for Gender Equity

+ A Certificate of completion as a demonstration of your commitment to more gender equitable practices.

+ A Final Feedback Report from PGE that you can share internally, with customers and investors, and a LinkedIn endorsement if you successfully complete the Accelerator

Wondering if this program is for you? Join our free webinar to see if this program is right for you. Spanish / English available.

About PGE:

PGE works globally to enhance the well-being of farming families and communities and the resilience of the coffee supply chain. Over the past 5 years we have conducted research, implemented pilot projects, developed tools and consulted industry leaders on the way forward. This training offer is a key outcome of our work to date and next step to accelerate gender equity throughout the sector.