Producer input

For any development effort to be successful, it must be inclusive of the voices of all stakeholders. The Partnership is particularly committed to ensuring this effort is built upon the insights and interests of producers. During the initial stage of the Partnership, primary research included workshops with producers in coffee growing regions around the world. The four workshops built on a modified version of the Gender Action Learning System (GALS), which has been applied in various agricultural communities with excellent results. The workshops were highly participatory, in-depth, professionally facilitated sessions that explored the context of gender in coffee producing communities and throughout the coffee value chain.  Participants in each workshop included men and women coffee producers from the host country, as well as international industry members.  The workshops delved into key questions about the opportunities and challenges related to gender equity within producer communities, including the linkages between quality and gender, and revealed potential solutions that informed the Roadmap for Industry Engagement, included in The Way Forward, our report of Stage 1 findings and indicated actions.


Coffee industry leaders also understand the importance of gender equity in the coffee value chain.  We asked coffee industry leaders to finish this sentence.... improving gender equity in the coffee supply chain could lead to... here's what they said: