The Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE) believes that vibrant farming communities are the key to producing better coffee, and more of it.

In response to a threatened coffee supply, combined with the recognition that gender equity can mitigate this threat, The Coffee Quality Institute founded PGE to revolutionize sustainability within the coffee sector. As a collaborative research and development initiative, PGE’s work is based on data which indicates that achieving gender equity in the coffee value chain is both the right thing to do for people and the smart thing to do for business.

PGE makes it easy and for EVERYONE at every level of the supply chain to participate in our mission by supporting Equal Origins. 

Understanding gender inequities is crucial to identifying weak links in the supply chain and ensuring that growth opportunities are not missed. By investing in gender equity, we can see significant improvements in crop productivity and quality as well as marked social impact. When we engage the full capacities of both men and women in the coffee supply chain, the resilience of all stakeholders, including communities, crops and businesses, will be strengthened.

Advancing gender equity is not just our mission, it is a global movement to collectively transform the coffee industry at all levels of the value chain. Join us today.



We asked coffee industry leaders to finish this sentence:

Improving gender equity in the supply chain leads to...

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