Thank you to our new and renewing Equal Origins Supporters!!

“Part of what makes the speciality coffee industry amazing is the willingness of its members to recognise and advocate the brilliant work of others. For us at Pact to be a force for good, it’s crucial that we seek to ally with and support those individuals and groups who are pointed towards the same goals as us. When I learned about Equal Origins, I understood the importance of their work towards gender equity and sustainability in an industry fraught with complex difficulties. By joining with other roasteries and organisations in supporting their efforts, we are proud to be contributing to a sustainable future for this incredible industry.”

- Stephen Gray, Head Roaster, Pact

“The Equal Origins program is a perfect fit with the mission statement and actions of our company. The importance of equality cannot be overstated, and working with this program will allow us to broaden our impact for true sustainability thru equal access and support. The sponsoring companies coming together to support this equity in supply chains will bring added exposure for the Partnership for Gender Equity program, and then the program bringing those tools to bear on the communities that need them, will be a meaningful step in the right direction. The impact of gender equality doesn't stop with the empowering of women; but through them can be far reaching, extending to children & families, and then spreading out to the communities at large.”

- Scott Conary, Carrboro Coffee Roasters