July, 2019

PGE hosted two workshops in early July in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

1) PGE Generations Research workshop - in collaboration with HRNS and with funding from the SAFE Platform

Description: PGE has launched a new collaborative initiative to a) conduct research about generational dynamics in the coffee sector and their impact on youth disengagement from coffee, and b) develop practical actions that will allow the coffee industry to respond.

PGE’s overarching objective for our Generations Research Initiative is to build consensus among coffee industry members about the reasons and need to act. Part of this research initiative includes conducting primary research in up to six producing communities to validate key conclusions from the literature review and answer new research questions. This workshop was our third (Uganda and Kenya workshops took place in January - in partnership with Rainforest Alliance).

While we saw a lot of parallels in terms of challenges youth are facing in East Africa versus Latin America, the primary difference was the challenge of migration. In East Africa, land, capital, and education were identified as three challenges. In Guatemala, people tend to migrate if they don't have an education (they don't think they will have any opportunities at home w/o an education so they go out in search of work in the US). They tend to migrate to find wage work to come back and buy land. Entrepreneurship was seen as the primary way to get capital and get ahead. Cooperatives and organizations offering training (like HRNS and farmer organizations) provide an important incentive to remain in coffee.

Our next workshop will take place in Colombia in late August / early September.

Click on photo above to see pictures!

Click on photo above to see pictures!

Date: July 2 - 4

Location: San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango

Participants: 36 male and female farmers from diverse age groups

2) Household Methodologies and Training of Trainers - in collaboration with Acodihue farmer cooperative

Description: PGE is hosting a series of unique workshops for the home and the community to accelerate gender equity within and between families and communities where they work. The July workshop is the basic 5 day workshop focused on farming as a family business, with a 6th community day where participants share new perspectives and tools they’ve learned with family, friends and other cooperative members. This is the first workshop in a three part series, with the second (3 day) workshop to take place in October, and then a one-day workshop with industry participants in November. (see attached flyer for details).


Date: July 8 - 13

Location: San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango, with Acodihue coffee farmer cooperative members

Participants: 36 male and female farmers of various age groups, plus up to 8 facilitators from Central America and Peru who will be trained in the Household Methodologies as part out PGE’s efforts to build out a local network of facilitators trained in the methodology.

We also received funding support from Allegro Coffee and Equal Exchange Cooperative Development Program of USAID! See the document below.